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Hey you

Get the latest educational technology, without changing your device

With only   connect hey! U to any of your devices (Windows, Android, Mac) you will have an extra screen to interact visually with the surrounding environment.

Thanks to hey u! You can do all kinds of   Games to make classes more interactive and easy to follow   for all the students.

The screen hey! show the results   that are produced in the special educational software which includes comprehension tools, content verification, participation and expression of students.

At a simple glance and without internet, the teacher achieves   create interactive classes , where all students participate and express themselves equally, while you can verify the understanding of the contents and adapt the pace of learning in a personalized way.

A simple USB that with just a "click" solves most of the difficulties that occur in the classes.

hey! It gives you a real image of what happens in the class, the real results , opinions and feelings of the students and the keys so that the teacher has more tools to explain it so that everyone can understand it.

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For us, what is taught in the classroom goes much further than anything that can be measured with a simple test. We believe in   a new education where you learn every day   and not to overcome a specific test at the end of the quarter.


Learning daily requires a   Bidirectional information between students and teachers to adapt the pace of content , this information will not only provide useful feedback to the teacher but also help to forge closer relations between both parties.

We propose a simple system, which does not require connection. The students will have a panel where they can express how they are when entering and finishing the class as well as answering the questions that the teacher poses . The novelty of our system is that the teacher of a simple glance sees the answers of all his students in the panel of leds where each answer is sent and through the colors he knows at the moment the total degree of understanding of the class , either to through red lights (I have not understood), or answers that follow a color logic knowing which are the right or wrong at the time.