INFORNET Computing Arrecife Palmas, Las


Repair tablets and smartphones of any brand. Bring us your defective device and you will make a quote.

  • Changing LCD or touch
  • Changing batteries (the charge lasts little)
  • Repair WiFi coverage, or 3G / 4G
  • Changing connector (not load)
  • Speaker
  • Camera
  • Software update release.
  • Etc., etc., ...

Liberation Mobile: (all operators)
We perform your unlock any operator through IMEI, the best price and in record time.

  • All brands: We release more than 1,300 terminals. The release is recommended by manufacturers and does not result in the loss of warranty terminal.
  • All Operators: Free your phone either the operator to be ...
  • Ténico Help and Support: Consult your doubts with our service support.