INFORNET Computing Arrecife Palmas, Las
INFORNET Computing Arrecife Palmas, Las
INFORNET Computing Arrecife Palmas, Las

Cloud NAS with 2 hard drive bays DNS-320L

Create a "personal cloud" to access by WiFi or 3G to pictures, videos, music and work files.


Access your files from your mobile
Torrent P2P download files without a computer to your NAS D-Link

The NAS Cloud DNS-320L / DNS-320LW ShareCenter ™ is a network storage device (NAS) with 2-bay mydlink ™ Cloud Services technology, media server functions, integrated P2P client and backup tools that make it ideal for store and share photos, videos, music and work files at home or in a corporate network.


From Internet access and easily share photos, videos, music and files with mydlink ™ Cloud Services

This equipment storage NAS ShareCenter ™ Cloud two bays allows you to share documents and media content such as photos, music and videos on your home network or on the Internet. By easily accessible with any Web browser mydlink ™ ( website you can download and upload files, delete files and folders on the NAS and remotely check the status of the team.

With the mydlink ™ Access-NAS application, available free for iPhone®, iPad® and Android ™, you can also view photos, music and video streaming on your mobile device. You can download the files from your NAS computer to your mobile device for forwarding or watch later. In addition, files can be uploaded to the NAS to free up space on your mobile device, creating their own cloud files, but not hosted on external servers, but in your own home or office.

Download P2P file without turning on the computer
Thanks to the integrated client P2P can download torrent files directly on the NAS Cloud DNS-320L / LW without having your computer on. Thus significant energy savings and greater efficiency is achieved in the dumps.

Transmission of digital content streaming media server with integrated
The integrated UPnP media server on your local network broadcast media content from the NAS Cloud ShareCenter ™ to any compatible media player such as Sony's PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360 and the Boxee Box by D-Link. It allows multiple simultaneous streams, so you can watch a video on your entertainment center while someone else listens to music streamed also on the computer.

Performance, protection and confidentiality
This NAS Cloud ShareCenter ™ 2-bay unit has a Gigabit port provides the fastest connection to your local network. The RAID 1 technology prevents important data being lost because copies the entire contents of one hard disk to another, so if one fails, the data will be kept intact in the other.

Confidentiality and integrity of all files and ensures that you can set permissions for specific users and groups, and assign folders with read / write. This is ideal at home to limit access of children to certain content and also prevent accidental erasure of files.

It also has back-up tools to easily schedule backups