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Buying printers for small offices or home offices. Three factors to consider




Printing needs of small offices or home offices are very different from those of larger companies, and anyone who is not familiar with the terminology and technology sector can easily be confused when buying the right printer . If you pay attention to these three factors, you will succeed in buying the right one for your office needs model.



Obviously the cost is the primary concern of any small office user. However, in any purchasing decision it is essential to consider the cost of maintenance and not focus solely on the initial price of the printer itself, which often is designed to be cheap and attract, precisely because of its price.

Throughout the life of the printer, the majority of expenditure associated with the ink cartridges. The key figures in this respect are the cost per page (CPP) and total cost of ownership (TCO). The CPP can be calculated by dividing the page yield of a cartridge from the total cost. The TCO is more complicated to calculate because various factors are involved. The monthly cost of printing is obtained by calculating separately the number of color pages are printed in black and white month and multiplying each digit by the corresponding CPP. These numbers can be added and multiplied by the estimated useful life of the printer. In turn, this figure can be added to the cost of the printer itself for the TCO. It is a much better way to calculate the actual price of a printer.


Comfort and reliability

Unreliable printers can be especially harmful to people running small or home offices, in many cases, they have the need to consistently generate sales, marketing and financial materials to run their business. Such offices do not usually back up printers, much less have on-site IT support. Users to ensure a minimum of one year or 30,000 pages is recommended.

Another important user of a home office is the simplicity factor. The printer has to be intuitive and easy to set up and connect to the computer, and also include user-friendly features. To help you make this decision, read analyzes of media product or appearing on the manufacturer's website or social media channels like YouTube.


Individual requirements

There is a huge variety of printers on the market, and many include features that are superfluous for small offices or home offices. At a basic level, buyers must decide whether to require color prints, as well as scanning and copying systems, and making the right purchase. The printer should also have the right size for the space you will occupy; larger models often prove impractical for many small offices.


The new Epson Ecotank range is intended for users of small offices and home offices -

The first models in the range include refillable ink tanks and cans 4 × 70 ml, in the two years last you can reach the most users, represent a huge saving on printing costs. This new range of inkjet printers large capacity combines performance, comfort, quality and reliability in an amazing package. They offer a Wi-Fi configuration easy to use, advanced print head technology Micro Piezo print and guarantee up to 50,000 pages. It is estimated that this range could save up to 70% of TCO, making them ideal for most individuals and small office users.